Music Director / Honorary Conductor:Hiroshi Hoshina

Hiroshi Hoshina was born in 1936 in Tokyo. He studied composition at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, where his thesis won the 1st prize of the Mainichi-Classic Competitions (composition for orchestra).

He composes various styles of classical music: orchestra work, brass band music, instrumental pieces, songs, choirs, opera, etc. Over a half of his works belongs in the brass band music, which includes some well-known pieces “Fumon” and “Caprice”.
In 2009, a piece for solo horn and piano (originally composed for solo horn and orchestra) “Miko Dance” is chosen as a compulsory piece of the final round with piano at the 20° Concorso Internazionale “CITTÀ DI PORCIA”.
Recently he conducted Japanese brass band as a guest conductor at famous halls and festivals in EU, Viener Staatsoper (2011), Berlin Philhermony Hall (2012), and Smetana’s Litomyšl Festival (2012).

From the beginning of his career, teaching non-music-career musicians was one of the most attracting works for him. He has been a resident conductor of Okayama University Symphony Orchestra for over 45 years, which is a record period staying a position of resident conductor in Japan. During the continuous relationship with the orchestra, he developed a unique unified theory of musical analysis, interpretation, and playing methods. It works remarkably well for musicians that start playing instruments: such as school brass bands, community orchestras and brass bands in universities — sometimes more than the half of members start their instrumental training at the university.
Based on the theory, he is also active as a conductor, clinician and author.

He taught at Tokyo Collage of Music, Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music, and Hyogo University of Teacher Education where he retired in 2001.