Resident Conductor : Takashi Akiyama

Takashi Akiyama was born in 1965 in Okayama, Japan, where he attended the school brass band of Okayama Ichinomiya senior high school. In 1983, his brass band got a gold prize under his baton.

In 1984, he started to study medicine at the Okayama University. Meanwhile, he joined the Okayama University Symphony Orchestra as a trumpet player. As a student conductor, he contributed for his orchestra to win the 1st prize at the All Japan University Orchestra contest. After he got a degree of Doctor of Medicine, he took over the assistant conductor of Okayama University Symphony Orchestra from the former his predecessor Satoshi Sugimoto.

In 1994, he established the Hoshina Academy Chamber Orchestra with his colleagues at the university orchestra.

Having years of experience of assistant conductor at Okayama University Symphony Orchestra, he introduced a training method for community orchestras – so called “Okayama University Method”- to his own orchestra.

As a medical doctor, he works at the Kawasaki Medical School as an associate professor.