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2012/9/1 the 15th Memorial Regular Concert in Tokyo

  1. Brahms Variations on a Theme by Haydn
  2. H.Hoshina Requiem
  3. Saint-Saëns Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso
  4. Brahms Sym. No.3

29/Aug/2009 15th Anniversary concert in Tokyo

  1. Hiroshi Hoshina “Fumon” for Orchestra 2nd revision — coming soon
  2. Hiroshi Hoshina “Variation for Orchestra” 2nd revision — coming soon
  3. P.I. Tchaikovsky Sym. No.6 “Pathetique” (conductor view)
  4. Hiroshi Hoshina “Mnemosyne ~ Souvenirs d’annee en annee” — coming soon

15/Aug/2009 15th Anniversary concert in Okayama 

  1. Hiroshi Hoshina “Fumon” for Orchestra  1st revision
  2. Hiroshi Hoshina “Variation for Orchestra”  1st revision
  3. Tchaikovsky Sym. No.6 “Pathetique”
  4. Hiroshi Hoshina “Mnemosyne ~ Souvenirs d’annee en annee”

3/Feb/2007 10th Special concert in Tokyo

  1. Prokofiev Sym. No.1 “Classical Symphony”
  2. Hiroshi Hoshina Miko Dance (Hn. Satoshi Sgimoto) [sorry not available]
  3. Mendelssohn Sym. No.3 “Schottische”

16/Oct/2005 the 9th Regular Concert in Kurashiki(Internet Radio)

  1. Mozart Sym. No. 40
  2. Shostakovich Piano Concert No.1(pf. Hiroshi Arimori, Tp. Takaya Hattori)[sorry not available]
  3. Mozart Sym. No. 41 “Jupiter”
  4. Mozart “the Impresario” overture
  5. Tchaikovsky Suite No.4 “Mozartiana” Menuet

24/Aug/2003 the 8th Regular Concert in Tokyo

  1. Schubert Sym. No.3
  2. Schubert [arr. H.Hoshina] Die Forelle (Ten. Takashi Tsugami)
  3. Schubert [arr. H.Hoshina] Erlkonig (Ten. Takashi Tsugami)
  4. Hiroshi Hoshina Oraison et Jeux sous un rai lumineux (Ob. Junko Tsugami)
  5. >Hiroshi Hoshina Hiroshi Hoshina “Mnemosyne ~ Souvenirs d’annee en annee”>
  6. Beethoven violin concert (vn. Katsuya Matsubara) [sorry not available]
  7. Beethoven Sym. No.7 4th mov.

24/Aug/2003 the 7th Regular Concert in Kurashiki

  1. Wagner Siegfried ldyll
  2. Respighi Antiche danze ed arie per liuto No.3
  3. Debussy Prelude to the Afternoon of Faun
  4. Ravel Pavane for dead& infanta
  5. Ravel Tombeau for Couperin
  6. Debussy [arr. H.Hoshina] Rêverie

14/Sep/2002 the 6th Special Concert

  1. Beethoven Romance (vn. Aki Washino)
  2. Beethoven Piano Concert (pf. Hiroshi Arimori) [sorry not available]
  3. Beethoven Sym. No. 3 “Eroica”
  4. Tchaikovsky Suite No.4 “Mozartiana” Menuet

22/Sep/2001 the 5th special concert in Tojo 

  1. J.Strauss II Die Fledermaus overture
  2. Hiroshi Hoshina “Mnemosyne ~ Souvenirs d’annee en annee”
  3. Brahms Sym. No.3
  4. Brahms Hungarian Dances No.5
  5. Mozart Divertimento KV136 2nd. mov.
  6. J.Strauss II Unter Donner und Blitz

23/Aug/1998 the 4th Regular Concert in Kurashiki

  1. Brahms variation on a theme by Haydn
  2. Mozart Horn Concert No.2 (Hn. Satoshi Sugimoto)
  3. Mendelssohn Sym. No.4 “Italy”
  4. Haydn Sym. No.94 “Surprise” 2nd. mov.