Can I photocopy rental music library?

The music we lend is protected by the Copyright Act. Actions listed below are forbidden by the law unless you have a written permission from the Hoshina Music Office :

  1. Modifying or arranging the music
  2. Reproducing the rental materials
  3. Lending or handing over the rental materials to a third party

However, for your convenience, we give our permission for photocopying rental materials only when you fulfill all of conditions listed below.

  1. Using Xerox photocopy (scanning, taking pictures, handwriting copies are not allowed)
  2. Performers may have only one photocopy of his performing part
  3. Conductor may have only one photocopy of full score
  4. All photocopies (both parts and a score) must be destroyed immediately after the last concert within your rental period.

These local rules apply on the Hoshina Music Office Rental Library only. Music published / lend by other company may have their own rules.