Ravel / Menuet antique

– Arranged for

Wind Orchestra

– Original Composer

Maurice Ravel

– Commission

Commissioned for Albireo Wind Ensemble

– Premier

  • Date : 2024.4.116
  • Place : Cosmic Hall (Hyogo, Kato-She)
  • Cond. : Hiroshi Hoshina
  • Performed by : Albireo Wind Ensemble


– Sample Score

Unaccompanied Flute Solo “Le Rve ferique” is published!

Unaccompanied Flute Solo “Le Rve ferique” by Hiroshi Hoshina is published on 3/14!
JPY 480 + shipping

The “Le Rve ferique” is a compulsory music of semi-final round of the 25th Japan Woodwind Competition 2014 (Flute).

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Japanese Oboe Works : “Reeds Singing a Song” by Tomoyuki Hirota (oboe)

utau_ashi A fantastic solo oboe album performed by Tomoyoki Hirota has been released by Octavia Cryston.

Japanese Oboe Works
Ob. Tomoyuki Hirota
Pf. Iku Miwa
Octavia CrystonOVCC-105
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In this album Hirota recorded Hiroshi Hoshina’s “Oraison et Jeux ~ sous un rai lumineux (pour hautbois et piano)” , an oboe piece that he commissioned Hoshina to compose his recital held in 2003.

Michio Kitazume : Reeds singing a song
Hiroshi Hoshina : Oraison et Jeux ~ sous un rai lumineux
Kishio HiraoSonate pour hautbois et piano
Yosuke Yamashita : A Letter to Rady Rabbit

For details about the sheet music of Oraison et Jeux, see here.

Sheet Music of Fumon & Mnmosyne is now available!

Hoshina Music Office Orchestra Library 1
FuMon, Mnmosyne
JPY 8000 + shipping

Hiroshi Hoshinas music is often regarded as being influenced by the French impressionists, yet his works evoke a Japanese aura. In his early career as a composer, he attempted to explore contemporary and experimental music, but decided that did not fit his style, and he begun to explore the possibilities inherent in tonal music. His music is fluid and organic, and sounds like it should be easy to play; however, performers often note the surprising depths and complexities that are characteristic of Hoshinas music.

Please find detailed descriptions of these works.


Hoshina Music Office Orchestra Library 1 Fumon (orchestra version)

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  1. Fumon original version
  2. Mnmosyne – Souvenirs danne en anne –
  3. Oraison et Jeux – sous un rai lumineux –
  4. Requiem in mourning of the death of a young man
  5. Schubert / Arr. Hoshina / Die Forelle
  6. Schubert / Arr. Hoshina / Erlknig
  7. Variations for orchestra
  8. Debussy / Arr. Hoshina / Rverie

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