Symphony No.2


Commission for the 45th regular concert of the Hiroshima Wind Orchestra


  • Date : 2016/4/28
  • Place : Hiroshima Nishi-kumin culture center hall
  • Cond. : Tatsuya Shimono
  • Performed by : Hiroshima Wind Orchestra

Flute 1,2
Oboe 1
Oboe 2(doub. English Horn)
Bassoon 1,2

E Clarinet
B Clarinet 1,2,3
E Alto Clarinet
B Bass Clarinet
E Contralto Clarinet

E Alto Saxophone 1,2
B Tenor Saxophone
E Baritone Saxophone

B Trumpet 1,2,3
F Horn 1,2,3,4
Trombone 1,2
Bass Trombone
String Bass


Mallets (Marimba, Xylophone,
Percussion 1(Snare Drum, Wind Chime)
Percussion 2(Tambourine, Whip)
Percussion 3(Suspended Cymbal / Crash Cymbals)
Percussion 4(Tam-tam, Bass Drum)

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Free Sheet Music for “Caprice for Three Violas and a Piano”

This miniature caprice is taken from the middle part of Caprice for wind orchestra and and arranged for three violas and piano at a request of the composer’s daughter.

Themelancholic melody rises a profound atmosphere when it is performed by three viola’s deep tone.

This sheet music is available for free for personal use only.

All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplications and redistributions are prohibited.

Listen the Caprice (for wind orchestra) at YouTube :

This music if also available for Violin, Viola, Violoncello and Piano.

wind quintet “Des espigleries innocentes”


Sheet music is now available from DLmarket in PDF format !

Price of score and each part is 500 yen + tax.
(score + all parts : 3000 yen + tax)

– About the music

The “Des espigleries innocentes” – innocent pranks – is composed in 2010 at a request of the Nagoya Wind Quintet (“Nagoya Kangaku Gojusoudan”) for the 40th memorial concert.

Several motives are taken from “Pastorale”, Hoshina’s composition for wind orchestra, and modified humorously. A lyric melody at the middle part is also appealing.

– Commission

Commissioned work for the 40th concert of Nagoya Kangaku Gojuusoudan

– Premier

  • Date : 2010.10.7
  • Place : The Concert Hall
  • Performed by : Nagoya Kangaku Gojuusoudan

– Sound sample

– Sheet Music

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Unaccompanied Flute Solo “Le Rve ferique” is published!

Unaccompanied Flute Solo “Le Rve ferique” by Hiroshi Hoshina is published on 3/14!
JPY 480 + shipping

The “Le Rve ferique” is a compulsory music of semi-final round of the 25th Japan Woodwind Competition 2014 (Flute).

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Japanese Oboe Works : “Reeds Singing a Song” by Tomoyuki Hirota (oboe)

utau_ashi A fantastic solo oboe album performed by Tomoyoki Hirota has been released by Octavia Cryston.

Japanese Oboe Works
Ob. Tomoyuki Hirota
Pf. Iku Miwa
Octavia CrystonOVCC-105
Buy in Amazon

In this album Hirota recorded Hiroshi Hoshina’s “Oraison et Jeux ~ sous un rai lumineux (pour hautbois et piano)” , an oboe piece that he commissioned Hoshina to compose his recital held in 2003.

Michio Kitazume : Reeds singing a song
Hiroshi Hoshina : Oraison et Jeux ~ sous un rai lumineux
Kishio HiraoSonate pour hautbois et piano
Yosuke Yamashita : A Letter to Rady Rabbit

For details about the sheet music of Oraison et Jeux, see here.

Free Sheet Music for 3-part Chorus and Piano : Japanese Favorite Songs

 2013-08-30 6.22.53 PM

Download Free Sheet Music1.2MB
(3-parts mixed chorus only)
Use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

“Fantasia Four Seasons” is a medley of six Japanese favorite songs that represents the four seasons of Japan.

Listen MIDI sample

Beautiful Japanese spring is depicted in the first two songs: Haru no Ogawa (A Stream in Spring) and Sakura Sakura (Cherry Blossoms). The next song, Hotaru Koi (Come Here, Firefly), is sung by children as they catch fireflies in the summer. The fourth song Momiji (Red Autumn Leaves) describes the gorgeous of a mountain valley that glows with the colors of autumn at sunset. For winter, Yuki (Snow) continues with joyful atmosphere of Fantasia and feelings of children amused by the snow falling. The last song Furusato (Hometown) evokes the image of home and the memory of past seasons.

Arranged by Hiroshi Hoshina in 2012. Originally arranged for orchestra, Koto (Japanese zither), and chorus. All rights reserved.

Sheet musics are available for :

  • 3-parts mixed chorus or 3-parts female chorus and piano (JPY 1400)
  • 4-parts mixed chorus and piano (JPY1200)
  • Orchestra score and parts (rental only)
  • Wind orchestra score and parts (rental only)

Contact us for inquiry and order.

See also

The wings of the dawn

– Commission

Commissioned work for the 100th Anniversary of Sanda Gakuen Symphonic Band

– Premier

  • Date : 2012/5/4
  • Place : Sanda Culture Hall
  • Cond. : Hiroshi Hoshina
  • Performed by : Sanda Gakuen Symphonic Band


  • P.Tchaikovsky Sym. No.4 (etc.) /Yuji Shibata/Fukuoka Institute of Technology Wind Symphony (CAFUA CACG-0197)

– Sample Score

Sheet Music of Fumon & Mnmosyne is now available!

Hoshina Music Office Orchestra Library 1
FuMon, Mnmosyne
JPY 8000 + shipping

Hiroshi Hoshinas music is often regarded as being influenced by the French impressionists, yet his works evoke a Japanese aura. In his early career as a composer, he attempted to explore contemporary and experimental music, but decided that did not fit his style, and he begun to explore the possibilities inherent in tonal music. His music is fluid and organic, and sounds like it should be easy to play; however, performers often note the surprising depths and complexities that are characteristic of Hoshinas music.

Please find detailed descriptions of these works.


Hoshina Music Office Orchestra Library 1 Fumon (orchestra version)

Special Limited Time Offer

Get a free sample CD performed by Hoshina Academy Chamber Orchestra “Ensemble=Harmonia” when you buy this sheet music!

  1. Fumon original version
  2. Mnmosyne – Souvenirs danne en anne –
  3. Oraison et Jeux – sous un rai lumineux –
  4. Requiem in mourning of the death of a young man
  5. Schubert / Arr. Hoshina / Die Forelle
  6. Schubert / Arr. Hoshina / Erlknig
  7. Variations for orchestra
  8. Debussy / Arr. Hoshina / Rverie

 2013-06-27 1.51.25 AM

Hiroshi Hoshina Orchestral Works (CD)

Hiroshi Hoshina Orchestral Works (OSBR-30001)
Hoshina Music Office
 2013-06-27 1.51.25 AM 2013-06-27 1.52.07 AM

Performed by

Hoshina Academy Chamber Orchestra “Ensemble=Harmonia”


  1. Fumon original version
  2. Mnmosyne – Souvenirs danne en anne –
  3. Oraison et Jeux – sous un rai lumineux –
  4. Requiem in mourning of the death of a young man
  5. Schubert / Arr. Hoshina / Die Forelle
  6. Schubert / Arr. Hoshina / Erlknig
  7. Variations for orchestra
  8. Debussy / Arr. Hoshina / Rverie


This CD is for promotion only. Please contact us to check availability.

Variation on a Theme by Orlando di Lasso

A variation on a theme of “Mon Coeur se recommande a vous” composed by Orlando di Lasso.

Listen sample mp3

– Commission

Band-Ishin 2012

– Premier

  • Date : 2012
  • Place : (Session Recording)
  • Cond. :
  • Performed by :

– Instruments

Chorus(Soprano / Alto / Tenor / Bass)

Flute 1

Flute 2(Piccolo)



B Clarinet 1,2

B Bass Clarinet

E Alto Saxophone 1,2

B Tenor Saxophone

E Baritone Saxophone

B Trumpet 1,2

F Horn 1,2

Trombone 1,2



String Bass(option)


Percussion 1(Xylophone / Cymbals / Triangle / Tambourine / Suspended Cymbal / Vibraphone / Marimba)

Percussion 2(Snare Drum / Cymbals)


– Comments

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Franz Schubert / Die Forelle


– Original Composer

Franz Schubert

– Commission

Commissioned for Hoshina Academy Chamber Orchestra “Ensemble=Harmonia”

– Premier

  • Date :2004.8.2
  • Place :Bizen Citizen Center
  • Cond. :Takashi Akiyama
  • Performed by :Takashi Tsugami (Tenor) /Hoshina Academy Chamber Orchestra “Ensemble=Harmonia”


Sound Sample in YouTube

– Sample Score

– Comments

Hiroshi Hoshina / wind quintet “Des espigleries innocentes”

Sheet Music is available from us.
See details in wind quintet "Des espigleries innocentes"

title : Des espigleries innocentes (innocent pranks)
Composed by : Hiroshi Hoshina (2010)
Recorded on 7th Oct. 2010 (first performance)
Performed by :
Horn : Akira Yoshida
Oboe : Kazuyo Ogawa
Flute : Azusa Takeuchi
Clarinet : Makiko Yamakawa
Fagott : Shinya Yanagawa

Hiroshi Hoshina / “Fu-Mon” for orchestra

For Symphonic Band (original version)

See details in Fumon original version

Philharmonic Winds Hamamatsu
Cond. Hiroshi Hoshina

For Orchestra (original version)

See details in Fumon for orchestra.

title : FuMon (wind ripple)
Composed by : Hiroshi Hoshina (2009 orchestra arrange)
Takashi Akiyama(cond.) , Hoshina Academy Chamber
Orchestra “Ensemble=Harmonia” 15 Aug. 2009, Okayama.

Mahler Sym.2 “Resurrection” cond. view

from the Celebration concert for 45th years of residence conductor Hiroshi Hoshina for Okayama University Symphony Orchestra

Cond. : Hiroshi Hoshina
Alt solo : Keiko Wakimoto
Sop. solo : Yasuko Hoshina
Choir : Choir for commemoration of 45 years of resident conductor Hiroshi Hoshina for Okayama University Symphony Orchestra
Orchestra : Alumni of Okayama University Symphony Orchestra
Recorded on Aug.14 2010 @ Okayama Symphony Hall

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