Japanese Oboe Works : “Reeds Singing a Song” by Tomoyuki Hirota (oboe)

utau_ashi A fantastic solo oboe album performed by Tomoyoki Hirota has been released by Octavia Cryston.

Japanese Oboe Works
Ob. Tomoyuki Hirota
Pf. Iku Miwa
Octavia CrystonOVCC-105
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In this album Hirota recorded Hiroshi Hoshina’s “Oraison et Jeux ~ sous un rai lumineux (pour hautbois et piano)” , an oboe piece that he commissioned Hoshina to compose his recital held in 2003.

Michio Kitazume : Reeds singing a song
Hiroshi Hoshina : Oraison et Jeux ~ sous un rai lumineux
Kishio HiraoSonate pour hautbois et piano
Yosuke Yamashita : A Letter to Rady Rabbit

For details about the sheet music of Oraison et Jeux, see here.