A profound thought (for solo clarinet and piano)

“A profound thought”, Japanese name is Shin-en, was composed for the retirement concert of the composer, when he retired from the Hyogo University of Teacher Education in 2000. The music is premiered by Kazuo Fujii (Cl.) and Keiko Okubo (Pf.).

The music begins with subtle and profound piano solo followed by the first theme performed by clarinet. In the middle part, both clarinet and piano play fast arpeggio alternately and develop the main climax. After a long cadenza by clarinet in profound tone, the first theme revives again and conclude the music in deep, quiet atmosphere.

– Commission

Composed for “Masters concert” at Hyogo University of Teacher and Education

– Premier

  • Date :2000.11.30
  • Place : Hyogo University of Teacher Education
  • Cond. : Kazuo Fujii
  • Performed by : Kobe Clarinet Orchestra 2001

– Sound sample

Japanese Title
Westean Title"A profound thought" for solo clarinet and piano
Published from
Original scoreHoshina Music Office
Performance time8:30
Level (1~5)45
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