Mnémosyne -Souvenirs d’année en année-


– Commission

Commissioned work for the 5th regular concert of Hoshina Academy Chamber Orchestra “Ensemble=Harmonia”

– Premier

  • Date : 1988.12.22
  • Place : Tojo Cosmic Hall
  • Cond. : Takashi Akiyama
  • Performed by : Hoshina Academy Chamber Orchestra “Ensemble=Harmonia”

– Also available for

  • brass band



– Notes

The title “kai-sou-fu” in Japanese is an impressionistic term that implys memories of old days. Because there is no English translation for this title, a friend of the composer suggested the French title, which means “souvenirs from year to year.” This music includes a short story written by the composer to evoke the feelings the composer is trying to convey.

Imagine an old man sitting on a bench in a back yard with a cup of coffee, remembering days gone by. A retrospective melody plays repeatedly, sometimes quietly, sometimes emotionally, always changing.

Suddenly, as he day-dreams, the old man feels young again and starts to dance with unsteady steps. Before long, he tires and returns to his bench. The afternoon sun shines golden as it sets. The old man’s coffee has gone cold and his days have caught up to him. The nostalgic melody repeats over and over as he continues to remember his past.

Arranged for Orchestra at a request of the Hoshina Academy Chamber Orchestra “Ensemble=Harmonia” and premiered on 22nd. Sep. 2001.

– Comments

This work is published by Hoshina Music Office.
Other works included in the sheet music : FuMon for orchestra
1 Full Score + instrumental parts CD : 8000 JPY + Shipping

– Errata (pdf)

Japanese TitleKaisoufu
Westean TitleMnémosyne -Souvenirs d'année en année-
Published fromHoshina Music Office
Original scoreHoshina Music Office
Performance time8:00
Level (1~5)3
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