Hiroshi Hoshina Orchestral Works (CD)

Hiroshi Hoshina Orchestral Works (OSBR-30001)
Hoshina Music Office
 2013-06-27 1.51.25 AM 2013-06-27 1.52.07 AM

Performed by

Hoshina Academy Chamber Orchestra “Ensemble=Harmonia”


  1. Fumon original version
  2. Mnmosyne – Souvenirs danne en anne –
  3. Oraison et Jeux – sous un rai lumineux –
  4. Requiem in mourning of the death of a young man
  5. Schubert / Arr. Hoshina / Die Forelle
  6. Schubert / Arr. Hoshina / Erlknig
  7. Variations for orchestra
  8. Debussy / Arr. Hoshina / Rverie


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Japanese TitleHoshina Hiroshi Kangangakukyokusyu
Westean TitleHiroshi Hoshina Orchestral Works
Published fromHoshina Music Office
Original scoreHoshina Music Office
Performance time
Level (1~5)3~5
Sound SampleDVD/CD
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