Fu-Mon (wind ripple) for Orchestra

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– Commission
Commissioned work for the 15th anniversary concert of Hoshina Academy Chamber Orchestra “Ensemble=Harmonia”

– Premier

  • Date : 2009.8.15
  • Place : Okayama Symphony Hall
  • Cond. : Takashi Akiyama
  • Performed by : Hoshina Academy Chamber Orchestra “Ensemble=Harmonia”

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– Notes

The first version of FuMon was composed for symphonic band as one of the compulsory pieces for the All Japan Band Competition in 1986. Because the first version had to fit the time constraints of the competition, the composer, Hiroshi Hoshina was not able to complete the intended symphonic length version. In 1999, it was extended and revised into what is now known as FuMon (original version).
This original version was arranged for orchestra and premiered on 15th August 2009 by Takashi Akiyama and the Hoshina Academy Chamber Orchestra Ensemble = Harmonia. The word FuMon means wind ripple in Japanese. Like most of Hoshinas works, this piece was not composed as a program piece, and it was not intended to evoke a specific image throughout, so it was difficult to name the piece. The title was finally chosen when the composer opened a Japanese dictionary and happened upon these beautiful Chinese characters.

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This work is published by Hoshina Music Office.
Other works included in the sheet music : Mnmosyne
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– Errata (pdf)Updated on Dec. 3 2013

Japanese TitleFumon Gentenban (kangengaku)
Westean TitleFuMon (wind ripple) for Orchestra
Published fromHoshina Music Office
Original scoreHoshina Music Office
Performance time8:40
Level (1~5)4
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JASRAC work code071-3444-4