CD “Hoshina Matsuri” (Hoshina Festival) releases on Apr. 27!

Hiroshi Hoshina and Philharmonic Winds Hamamatsuwill release CD “Hoshina Matsuri” on Apr. 27 2018.

Hiroshi Hoshina has been a music director of Philharmonic Winds Hamamatsu,the professional symphonic wind orchestra in Hamamatsu Japan. This is their first CD and all programs are composed or arranged by Hiroshi Hoshina. The title of “Hoshina Matsuri” represents “Hoshina Festival”.


Hiroshi Hoshina


Philharmonic Winds Hamamatsu


H.Hoshina / Symphony No.2

B.Bartok / arr. H.Hoshina /Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta
1st movement
4th movement

H.Hoshina / Fu-Mon (wind ripple)

H.Hoshina / Symphonic Ode

H.Hoshina / Ceremonial Dance

H.Hoshina / Lamentation To –

H.Hoshina / Mnmosyne Souvenirs d’anne en anne

Recorded by :

Brain Music

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