Fantasia “Four Seasons” (for chorus and wind orchestra)

Fantasia “Four Seasons” is amedley of Japanese famous songs.

Arranged for a brass band or orchestra, chorus, and Koto (traditional Japanese instrument, may be substituted with synthesizers).

This fantasia contains following songs.

  • Haru no Ogawa (spring small stream)
  • Sakura (cherry blossom)
  • Hotaru Koi (fireflies)
  • Momiji (maple leaf)
  • Yuki ya konko (snow)
  • Furusato (hometown)

– Original Composer

Tatsuyuki Takano, Teiichi Takano (some songs)

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Free sheet music for 3-partsmixed chorus is available fromhere.

Sheet music for 3-parts mixed chorus or 3-parts female chorus (printed score) is available from us.

4-parts mixed chorus version will be published in Feb. 2014.

Westean TitleFantasia "Four Seasons" (for chorus and wind orchestra)
Published fromHoshina Music Office
Original scoreHoshina Music Office
Performance time17:00
Level (1~5)
Sound SampleSee Archives
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