Dialogue for Trombone, Tuba and Piano

The “Dialogue for Trombone, Tuba and Piano” is composed in 2017 for the special concert of the 1st Cleveland Low Brass Seminar, premiered by Massimo La Rosa (trombone), Yasuhito Sugiyama(Tuba), and Tomoko Sawano(Piano). Originally Hoshina intended to arrange his another work Dialogue for Bari Tuba Ensemble to fit the size of premier performers, however, his imagination expanded to make the music more appealing and soloistic for outstanding professional performers.

The music begins with a quiet piano phrase repeated like waves, followed by a calling theme of trombone and answering theme of tuba. As the title represents, this is the music of dialogue intimate conversations performed by three instruments. The atmosphere of the music may be compared with the Japanese traditional aesthetic values of wabi and sabi. In the middle part both trombone and tuba has cadenzas to express performers feeling freely. The music returns to the first theme and end with a quiet, whispering dialogue.

Composed for Yasuhito Sugiyama and Massimo La Rosa


  • Date : 2017/8/6
  • Place : Cosmic Hall, Kato, Hyogo, Japan
  • Performed by : Massimo La Rosa(Trombone), Yasuhito Sugiyama(Tuba), Tomoko Sawano(Piano)


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Japanese TitleTrombone, Tuba to Piano no tame no Taiwa
Westean TitleDialogue for Trombone, Tuba and Piano
Published fromHoshina Music Office
Original scoreHoshina Music Office
Performance time8:40
Level (1~5)4~5
Sound SampleDVD/CD
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JASRAC work code231-8693-3