Opera “Barefoot Gen” selection (for soprano, baritone and orchestra)

A concert piece with five scenes from Opera Barefoot Gen.

  1. Overture
  2. Scene
  3. An atomic bomb has been dropped
  4. I wish peace
  5. Song of wheat, Finale

– Lylics

Takanori Shimizu

– Commission

Commissioned work for the 30th regular concert of Fukui Brass Academy

Revised in 2012 for Hoshina Director’s Band

– Premier

  • Date 2008.12
  • Place Okayama Symphony Hall
  • Cond. Takashi Akiyama
  • Performed by Okayama University Symphony Orchestra

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Japanese Titleopera "hadashi no gen" serekushon
Westean TitleOpera "Barefoot Gen" selection (for soprano, baritone and orchestra)
Published from
Original scoreHoshina Music Office
Performance time23:00
Level (1~5)
Sound SampleContact Us
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Price CategoryStandard Rental Price
JASRAC work code158-2466-7