A paean to the clear autumn sky

– Commission

commission work for the Kanagawa Univ. Symphonic Band
Performed at mid west band clinic in Chicago, USA (2004)

– Premier

  • Date : 2004.12.18
  • Place : Chicago Hiton&Towers
  • Cond. : Hiroshi Hoshina
  • Performed by : Kanagawa Univ. Symphonic Band


  • 2004 MIDWEST CLINIC (markcustom, 5423-MCD)

Japanese TitleAkizora heno sanka
Westean TitleA paean to the clear autumn sky
Published fromHoshina Music Office
Original scoreHoshina Music Office
Performance time10:00
Level (1~5)4
Sound SampleDVD/CD
Availability from Hoshina Music OfficeRental Sheet Music
Price CategoryStandard Rental Price
JASRAC work code121-5162-9