Etude for Sound and Balance

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Etude for training to make clear harmony, also good for an encore piece.

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– Commission

commission work for the 25th regular concert of Fukui Brass Academy

– Premier

  • Date : 2001.12.16
  • Place : Harmony Hall Fukui
  • Cond. : Hideo Yamashita
  • Performed by : Fukui Brass Academy

– Comments

Sheet music is available from Hoshina Music Office.

Japanese Titleotodsukuri no etudo
Westean TitleEtude for Sound and Balance
Published fromHoshina Music Office
Original scoreHoshina Music Office
Performance time3:00
Level (1~5)23
Sound SampleMIDI sample
Availability from Hoshina Music OfficeSell Sheet Music
Price CategorySell Price
JASRAC work code100-1230-3