Lamentation To ──(Theme and Variations)

This concert piece is consist of a theme, four variations and funeral march (finale).

Arranged from the “Variation for Orchestra” with a theme, five variations and finale. Due to limitation of instrumentation, the 2nd. variation is removed from this brass band arrangement.

Hiroshi Hoshina dedicated the finale to his best friend Bin Kaneda, to fulfill a promise of composing a funeral march for each other.

– Commission

Brain Music

– Premier

  • Date : 1999
  • Place : (Session Recording)
  • Cond. : Yoshihiro Kimura
  • Performed by : Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band

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  • Fu-Mon – Hiroshi Hoshina Master Works / Brain  (BOCD-7403)

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Sheet music is available from us (rental)

Japanese Title
Westean TitleLamentation To ──(Theme and Variations)
Published fromBrain Music (rental)
Original scoreHoshina Music Office
Performance time19:00
Level (1~5)4~5
Sound SampleDVD/CD
Availability from Hoshina Music OfficeRental Sheet Music
Price CategoryStandard Rental Price
JASRAC work code070-6766-6