Our rental policy

Rental Period

Our international rental period is 3 months. You may extend another 3 months up to three times per order, with no extra fee (the maximum rental period is 1 year). To extend your rental period, please contact us before each rental period expired, or we will charge late fee.
There is no restriction on number of performances per order.

Performance Fee, Recording Fee

No performance fee or recording fee is applied on our rental music library.
To perform our rental music, however, you need to get performing license from a copyright management society in your country.
Please contact JASRAC to find a local representative.

Rental Agreement

Please carefully read the Rental Agreement Form before you place your order. We do not accept your order without a signed rental agreement form.

Rental Materials

A rental set consist of one conductor score and parts.
You may have photocopies (zerox) of parts in order to fulfill your necessity under the limitation described in our Rental Agreement Form. All photocopies must be destroyed after the date of your final concert reported in your order form.
We will charge for missing or damaged materials. All marking must be done with light pencil only or we charge for them as damaged materials.

Claiming missing parts

Please check your rental materials immediately after you get the package, and report missing parts from Contact Form. We will send missing materials immediately. Please note that we do NOT accept any claim after your first concert is performed, and you will be charged for missing materials.


We do not accept cancel after your rental is shipped from us. Cancellation before shipping will not be charged.

Prices & Charge

Please refer the Rental Price page.


We accept credit card (Visa, Master), PayPal payment, and wire transfer.

When you return rental materials

Please follow our guideline for return shipping. If returned materials are damaged due to insufficient packing etc., we will charge for damaged materials.