Rental Agreement Form

Please carefully read the terms of this contract. A signed copy of the terms and conditions must be received by our office before your order is processed.

Download “Hoshina Music Office Rental Terms and Conditions”

1. This agreement exists between the person(s) who sign this agreement (you,your) and the Hoshina Music Office (we,us,our).


2. The music we lend is protected by the Copyright Act. The actions listed below are forbidden by law unless you have obtained written permission from the Hoshina Music Office:

  1. Modifying or arranging music.
  2. Reproducing rental materials in a manner that is not in accordance with our terms and conditions.
  3. Lending or distributing rental materials to a third party.

3. We permit photocopying of our rental materials only under the following conditions:

  1. Reproductions are only to be made using a photocopier. (Electronic scans, photographs, and handwritten copies are strictly prohibited).
  2. Performers may obtain only one photocopy of their respective parts.
  3. Each conductor (including sub-conductor) may obtain only one photocopy of a full score.
  4. All photocopies (both parts and scores) must be destroyed immediately after the last concert within the rental period.

4. Performing license fees and recording license fees are not included in the rental fee. It is your responsibility to contact either JASRAC or the appropriate copyright protection agency regarding the use of the materials we provide.

[Rental period and number of performances]

5. Our international rental period is 3 months. You may extend another 3 months up to three times per order with no extra fee. To extend your rental period, you must contact us before each rental period is expired, or we will charge late fee.
There is no restriction on number of performances per order.


6. We require full payment before shipping rental materials.

7. There is no charge for cancellation prior to the shipment of rental materials. We do not accept cancellation requests after rental materials have been shipped.

[Handling the rental materials]

8. Rental materials may be marked lightly with pencil only. All markings must be completely erased before rental materials are returned to the Hoshina Music Office.

9. A replacement charge is assessed for damaged or permanently marked materials.

10. For return shipping, rental materials must be packed with at least one layer of waterproof material (plastic bag, or wrap) INSIDE the surface package. We require the use of a tracking service, such as is provided by USPS, UPS, FEDEX, or another international parcel company with a tracking option. If materials are damaged or lost during shipping due to insufficient packing or untraceable shipping, we may require a full replacement charge.

11. Rental materials must be shipped to the following address within 14 days of the end of your last performance or you will be charged for late return fee.